Facility usage

Facility Request

We like for our facility to be utilized by our local community and partnering ministries. Please understand there are times when we cannot honor requests due to our own ministry obligations and scheduling conflicts. We do not rent our facility for the use of private parties such as birthdays, showers, and personal family related events. Large Saturday events cannot be honored due to the nature of our Sunday obligations and needs.  Charges depend on the needs of event.
Complete the request form, download and submit it below.

Wedding Event Request for Team Church Members

We are so happy for you! We would be honored to host you for this amazing occasion.  Submit a request below for more information and we will send you your options and a request form.

Funeral Request for Team Church Members

We are sorry for your loss and would be honored to help in any way we can.  We don't charge for our facility,  however depending on your needs for music and technology, the staff required for those will be given an honorarium. Submit a request below and we will see how we can help.