Pursuit is the student ministry of Team Church and is for
6th-12th grade students.

Pursuit exists to reach student where they are and lead them to
full devotion in Jesus Christ.

What is Pursuit?

Pursuit is the weekly gathering of the Team Church Student Ministry. We’re dedicated to giving students a place to encounter Jesus, do life with each other and learn from older mentors who are dedicated to seeing them lead to full devotion.




Winter Weekend 2018

Want your student to experience an exciting weekend of fun, relationships, and connecting with Jesus and each other? Then sign him or her up for Pursuit Winter Weekend 2018 and refocus their ever-growing relationship with Christ! Students will stay in host homes and be discipled in a small group setting in four unique sessions. Then they will build each other up in various activities all over our area throughout the weekend.

*When: February 2-4, 2018
*Who: middle & high school Pursuit students & friends
*Register: Click here



Summer Mission Trip

Our students to be traveling to and serving in Chesapeake, VA where the mean income is below poverty level.  The mission group will be making needed home repairs at work sites within 5 miles of the lodging facility.  Students will be fundraising for this trip.  

*When: Dates to come
*Who: High School Pursuit students


Impact Day

Student group service project that happens twice a year. More details COMING SOON!



Family Phase 

"It's Just a Phase...So don't miss it!"  That is the motto of our new Family Phase project. It is designed to equip parents with opportunities to lead their kids more effectively and make a lasting impact in their lives.  Every 4-6 weeks we gather as a ministry to pinpoint specific needs to assist parents in leading their kids spiritually, emotionally, financially and intellectually.  Each meeting will focus in on a specific age or grade and will target specific areas where parents want help.  

Upcoming Family Phase Meeting(s):



No registration needed




Pursuit AM is designed especially for middle school students with worship and teaching that speaks directly into their lives. It's a time for them to join in community with others their age, while growing in their understanding of God and His love for them. Pursuit AM meets during both the 9:30 a.m. and 11:10 a.m. Sunday morning services. This worship service is held in the Matthews Charter Academy gymnasium located behind Team Church.


High School Home Teams: We believe that our best life in Jesus happens when we live it with other people. It makes our life SO much better! Life can get hard. What if you’re nervous to give your speech in class next week? Or you’re nervous to show your parents the report card you just got? Or your girlfriend just broke up with you? Or you don’t have gas and you seriously want some Cook Out. We all go through those times and we all need someone to talk to or hang out with. Find a Home Team of friends who are going through the same stuff and do life together!

Interested in Leading a Pursuit Home Team?

One of the biggest parts of Pursuit is building relationships. We believe that students need to feel like they belong before they will believe in what we’re teaching them. You can invest in the lives of students by signing up to lead a Student Home Team! Come find out more at the TC 201 Class on the second Sunday of every month during second service!



There are many opportunities for students to serve at Team Church. We want you to find a place to serve that fulfills your passion and uses your unique gifts and abilities in the best way possible! Below are some of the areas students have to choose from:

  • teamKID - “Help children learn about Jesus where they are. Serve kids up to the 5th grade in a safe and fun environment."


  • Guest Services -  “Help make each guest feel welcome at Team Church! Every first impression matters!"


  • Production - “Help provide excellence in our adult and student worship experiences during the week. There are opportunities in audio, visual, lighting, and worship band.


  • Parking - “Be the first face of Team Church to our members and guests! Help them find a place to park and point them to where they need to go."


  • Childcare - "Providing childcare for events and Home Teams so others can growth in their relationship with Christ"


Parent Resources

Team Church believes that parents are the primary disciple-makers for their children. The church and parents work in partnership to guide, teach, and nurture children spiritually. The church should be supplementing what parents do at home, since much more of a child's time is spent there. With that in mind, Team Church provides spiritually-enriching programs for all children on Sundays, and for children and students on Wednesday evenings. Team Church also wants to equip and support parents in their role of being the primary spiritual nurturers of their children.

We desire to partner with parents using various print, online, and social media resources to help the parent carry the conversation that we start on Sundays into the rest of the week. There are natural, spiritual milestones in a child's life and we hope parents will walk through those with their children. The resources posted here are designed to help parents weave age-appropriate spiritual development into everyday home life, providing their child with an environment to have their "spiritual values Caught, not just Taught".

Opportunities such as Home Teams will allow parents to grow in their own spiritual walk and, in turn, guide their children to be disciples of Christ.




Sunday Services at 9:30am & 11:10am