At Team Church, we purposefully strive to help kids connect their lives to Jesus Christ through a personal relationship with Him. Our All-Star team is made up of willing parents, adults and teens who serve our kids in many capacities throughout the week.

The safety of our children is a top priority at Team Church. All of our staff and volunteers working in the kids area undergo criminal background screening. We also use a computerized check-in system to ensure kids come and go with their authorized parent or guardian.


The All-Stars baby rooms are designed to accommodate newborns to new walkers. The baby rooms provide clean, age appropriate toys. Our nursery volunteers are trained adults, prepared to care for your child. We ask that you bring diapers and a name-labeled bottle or snack for your child. Cheerios are provided as a snack. If your child has any special needs or allergies, please share this information with the caregivers.


We have two toddler rooms to accommodate new walkers to experienced walkers. With interactive and educational toys and music, your child will be entertained throughout the service. The adult volunteers guide children through a play time and provide a snack mid-way through the service (cereal or crackers). We ask that you bring your own diapers, and a name-labeled cup/drink. Please let caregivers know if your child is potty-training and if you have a routine you’d like us to help continue. If your child has any special needs or allergies, please share this information with the caregivers.


Our two preschool-K rooms are divided by age. All of the kids must be potty-trained. Any child who is not potty-trained will remain in the toddler rooms. The kids have a blast with our curriculum which leads them through a Bible lesson and activity designed to help them grow more knowledgable about the Bible. If your child has any special needs or allergies, please share this information with the caregivers.

Child Dedication

Child Dedication is an opportunity for parents to pledge their commitment to raise their child according to Christian values and beliefs. Our dedication is a short ceremony that offers parents and the church the opportunity to pledge a commitment to your child. This ceremony is held a few times a year during our regular Sunday services. If you are interested in dedicating your child, please register today.

May 12, 2019


Why Not Baptism? 
While the Child Dedication is a very meaningful event, it is not Christian baptism. When your child is old enough to make an outward demonstration of their inward commitment to Christ, they will have the opportunity to request to be baptized. The New Testament shows no examples of baptism when the candidate did not request it. All instances of baptism followed an individual’s decision to trust Christ alone for his or her salvation. At Team Church, we wait until a child is old enough to believe and understand the true meaning of baptism. Once a child has made the decision to trust Christ, we will gladly baptize them.

Parent Resources

Team Church believes that parents are the primary disciple-makers for their children. The church and parents work in partnership to guide, teach, and nurture children spiritually. The church should be supplementing what parents do at home, since much more of a child's time is spent there. With that in mind, Team Church provides spiritually-enriching programs for all children on Sundays, and for children and students on Wednesday evenings. Team Church also wants to equip and support parents in their role of being the primary spiritual nurturers of their children.

We desire to partner with parents using various print, online, and social media resources to help the parent carry the conversation that we start on Sundays into the rest of the week. There are natural, spiritual milestones in a child's life and we hope parents will walk through those with their children. The resources posted here are designed to help parents weave age-appropriate spiritual development into everyday home life, providing their child with an environment to have their "spiritual values Caught, not just Taught".

Opportunities such as Home Teams will allow parents to grow in their own spiritual walk and, in turn, guide their children to be disciples of Christ.



Sunday Services at 9:30am & 11:10am