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An Introduction

At Team Church, we believe that our HomeTeams, or small groups, are the best way to connect and grow as a Christian. We have many different types of groups to choose from ranging from classes to in-home Bible studies. We invite you to surge ahead into your own personal GROWTH and find a group that fits YOU!! We strive to meet you where you are spiritually and help you Grow with others in a journey towards full devotion to Christ. We offer something for everyone, so take the next step!

What are HomeTeams?

  1. Small groups of individuals who gather together on a regular basis for a common purpose.
  2. Offered in a variety of styles in order to meet individuals where they are spiritually. i.e. classes, fitness, service, projects, Bible studies.
  3. A place to love and be loved, to serve and be served, to encourage and be encouraged, to teach and be taught, and to care and be cared for.  The degree of love/serve/encourage/learn/care depends on the style of group chosen.
  4. Enable us to pursue and live out a closer relationship with God and each other.
  5. The primary means for adult and youth spiritual growth at Team Church.
  6. A non-threatening way to discover how the Bible impacts and applies to our lives while having fun in the process!

When Are They?

Groups meet throughout the year. Most meet only during certain “seasons” of the year. (These seasons roughly follow the school system’s semester/quarter schedule plus summer.) There will be two semesters throughout the year: Winter/Spring and Fall semesters. Some groups meet year-round and are noted as such in their description. Other groups may have a modified season due to their particular study or topic and are noted as such in their description.  You are welcome to jump into a group at anytime!!

How do I Join a HomeTeam?

  1. Browse through the ALL of the Home Teams we offer by simply clicking the SEARCH button.
  2. Once you find the group that interests you, you can register for it with your secure login.

HomeTeam Leaders