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  1. TC counseling and emergency assistance referral and resource guide
  2. BSG17-Becoming a Great Listener
  3. BSG24-Difficult Members
  4. BSG33-Handling Conflict in Small Groups
  5. BSG44_Handing Tragedy in Your Small Group
  6. BSG35–Answering Tough Questions
  7. BSG39_ImprovingSmallGroupAccountability
  8. Leader Self-Assessments
  9. Big-picture Assessment
  10. Evaluating Group Discussions
  11. A Measure of Group Health
  12. Choosing and Evaluating Bible Studies A Small Group Disciplines

Bible Studies PDF format (permission to print)

  1. Finances
    1. Money & the Christian
    2. Money Issues
  2. Growing Older
    1. Aging in the Grace of God
    2. Making Retirement Meaningful
    3. Thriving in the Empty Nest
    4. Encouragement for the Caregivers
  3. Men & The Bible
    1. Strong Men of the Bible
    2. Passionate Pursuit
    3. Living with Integrity
    4. Great Men of the Bible
    5. Courage
  4. Movie Discussions
    1. Best Picture Winners- A Beautiful Mind, Shindler’s List, Million Dollar Baby, Gladiator, Crash
    2. Classically Christian- The Gospel of John, The Ten Commandments, Chariots of Fire, Ben-Hur
    3. Comedies- Saved!, Bruce Almighty, Napoleon Dynamite
    4. Epic BattlesTroy, Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator
    5. Ethics ExaminedThe Lady Killers, Godsend, Hotel Rwanda, The Village, Changing Lanes, Crash
    6. Fantasy Reveals TruthBig Fish, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Signs, Spider-Man 1 and 2, The Star Wars Saga, The Village, Batman Begins, X-Men, House of Flying Daggers, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Superman Returns, The Sixth Sense
    7. Finding Redemption- Man on Fire, The Shawshank Redemption, Signs, E.T., Millions
    8. For History Enthusiasts- The Alamo, Schindlers’s List, Amistad, Saving Private Ryan
    9. Learning from Heroes- The Matrix Trilogy, Spider-Man 1 and 2, Batman Begins, X-Men, Superman Begins
    10. Love Lessons- The Notebook, The House of Flying Daggers, A Walk to Remember, Spanglish, Pride & Prejudice 2005
    11. Overcoming Difficulty- Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind, Seabiscuit, Antwone Fisher, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Cinderella Man
    12. Sacrificing for God- 1. Beyond the Gate of Splendor, Bonhoeffer, Luther, End of the Spear
    13. The Power of Relationships- Dead Poets Society, Finding Neverland, About A Boy, Cheaper By The Dozen, Radio, Les Miserables
    14. Truth in Fantasy- The Lord of The Rings Trilogy,  Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Star Wars Trilogy, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe
    15. Women Who Persevered- Million Dollar Baby, Erin Brockovich, Woman, Thou Art Loosed, Whale Rider
  5. Parenting
    1. Balancing Work & Home
    2. Biblical Parenting 101
    3. Children & Materialism
    4. Developing the Spiritual Life of Children
    5. Drawing the Line
    6. Fighting for Your Prodigal Child
    7. Gift of Life
    8. Preparing Life After High School
    9. Raising Christ – Centered Children
    10. Single Parenting
    11. The Joys and Trials of Grandparenting
    12. Participant  Guide  Download_-_Parenting_-_The Early Years
    13. Leaders Guide Download_-_Parenting_-_The Early Years
  6. Relationships
    1. Successful Relationships
    2. Strong Foundations for Newlyweds
    3. Remarriage & Blended Families
    4. Marriage Partnership
    5. Living Single
    6. Like the Ones You love
    7. Keys to Biblical Relationships
    8. Finding Joy in the Difficulty of Marriage
    9. Does Your Life Mirror Your TV
    10. Divorce Recovery
    11. Communication in Marriage
    12. Confronting Sexual Addiction
    13. Dealing with Difficult People
    14. Getting Along with People
  7. Self Help / Emotions
    1. Breaking Bad Habits
    2. Cultivating A Life of Worship
    3. Finding Contentment
    4. Making Stress Work
    5. Overcoming Fear
    6. Overcoming Grief
    7. Can I Trust God with My Health
    8. Life of Giving Thanks
    9. Stressed Out
  8. Specialty
    1. A Closer Look at the Creeds
    2. A Counterculture for the Common Good
    3. A Life of Giving Thanks
    4. Acts – How to Have an Eternal Impact
    5. Agents of God’s Mission
    6. Answers to Difficult Questions
    7. Balancing Politics and Faith
    8. Can I Trust God with My Health
    9. Christ – The Center of The Gospel
    10. Jesus as Your Mentor
    11. Learn from the Hymns
    12. Lessons from William Wilberforce
    13. Live a Revolutionary Life
    14. Living Beyond the Box
    15. Our Merciful Judge
    16. Our Powerful Helper
    17. Overcoming Fear
    18. Overcoming Grief
    19. Seeing Christ in the Jewish Feasts
    20. Stressed Out
    21. The Big Story of the Bible
    22. The Chronicles of Narnia
    23. The Cross and the Resurrection
    24. The Early Church & Middle Ages
  9. Spiritual Growth
    1. 8 Big Questions of Faith
    2. Becoming a Follower of Christ
    3. Four Best Places to Live
    4. Holy Spirit
    5. How to Beat the Doldrums
    6. I Want to Change… So Help Me, God!
    7. Jesus as Your Mentor
    8. Living The Christian Life 24-7
    9. Spiritual Formation
    10. Spiritual Rut
    11. The Truth about God – 10 Commandments
    12. Trusting When You Don’t Understand
    13. Use Your Spiritual Gifts
    14. Why Should I Believe the Bible
    15. With God in the Garden
  10. Women & The Bible
    1. 6 Principles for Women Leaders
    2. Soul Care for Women Leaders
    3. Women Leaders at Home



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