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How can a goat change a life? Each year, Pursuit holds a fundraiser called the Holy Goat Awards. Teens dress up and have dinner together to raise money to purchase goats for families in Jamaica. Then in the spring, a Pursuit team travels to Jamaica to give the goats to families in need.

We work with Pastor Clinton and Grace Community Fellowship who identify families who could benefit from receiving a goat. A few years ago, Lascells and Patsy were one of the first families who received a goat. They had been together for a while before he proposed to her at church on Valentine’s Day. Soon after they got married, they received what they considered a wonderful wedding gift: a goat from Team Church.

They cared for the goat and it soon multiplied. Grateful for what they had received, they wanted to give back, so they donated one of the kids to share with another family.

What a story of love and generosity! Not only do goats change lives by providing food, but they are also an opportunity to show God’s love to our neighbors in need.



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