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Secret Church is a unique event. The idea comes from the many people in other countries that cannot freely and openly go to church, read scripture and hear the Gospel. Due to hostility from the government, community and sometimes even family members Christians around the world are forced to gather in secret, in underground churches or in homes, sometimes at the risk of their lives.

While we don't gather in secret, we will have an intense time of Bible study and prayer as we discuss prayer, fasting and the pursuit of God as this year's topic. Come ready to sip from the firehose as David Platt floods us with scripture. 

2019 Topic: Prayer, Fasting and the Pursuit of God 

We were created to know and enjoy God, and to depend on Him for our every need. Sadly, though, we often look to the things of this world to satisfy us, and we are constantly tempted to rely on ourselves rather than on God's wisdom and power. 

In Secret Church 19, we'll see that all of Scripture invites us to pursue God, and we'll see how crucial the role of prayer and fasting is in this pursuit. Beginning in Genesis and moving all the way through Revelation, David Platt shows us that God has designed prayer and fasting not only to meet our daily needs but more importantly so that we might find greater intimacy and satisfaction in Him. We'll also see the critical role of prayer and fasting in carrying out the mission Christ gave to His church—to make disciples of all nations.

Other questions covered in this study include . . .

• How does prayer work?
• What does biblical fasting look like?
• Why pray if God knows what I need and what will happen in the future?
• What do I do when it feels like I'm praying into thin air?
• How do I know what God is leading me to do with my life?

God has designed prayer and fasting for His glory and for our good. So let your life be an all-consuming quest to know, enjoy, worship, and love Him.

Event Details  

Date: Saturday, May 4
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Location: Team Church
Cost: $10/person

Register here.

Learn More  

To learn more about Secret Church and David Platt, click here.



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